Government Claims Victory Over Clashes With Al-shabab in bakool

Administration of Bakool has given out details of gun battle engaged the government forces and Al-Shabab fighters in areas under Hudur district.

Deputy Governor of Bakool for security affairs speaking to Goobjoog News has stated the government forces repel and drove away Al-Shabab fighters who attempted to stage attack on SNA military base.

“Al-Shabab thought the military as soft target but they were slapped hardly, the soldiers killed over twenty of them and left with several injuries. The side SNA there are several wounded soldiers but suffered no death” he said.

He added that government will keep on fighting till Al-Shabab and their sympathizers are annihilated.
“Our soldiers are ready to weed out Al-Shabab fighter from areas under Hudur district” he noted.

Fighting between Somali government forces and Al-Shabab fighters at military bases in Bakool region on Saturday morning has claimed lives over thirty people including both sides.

Fighters loyal to Al-Shabab fighters have staged attacked on two separate SNA military bases prompting hours of fighting.

Reports say that the attack began with heavy artillery and mortar fire by Al-Shabab fighters.

The residents say sounds of heavy artillery used by both sides was heard all over the two localities and their environs.

Al-Shabab fighters who want to topple internationally recognized Somali government, have sped up their attacks on SNA and AMISOM military bases in different parts of the country.

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