Government  Security forces  raid the house of Ahmed Daa’i in Mogadishu

Fierce fighting  broke out after the government forces raided the house of former commissioner of wadajir Ahmed Hassan Adow (Daaci) district in Mogadishu on early hours of Friday morning following the government’s plan to disarm warlords in the city.

The security forces were in search of illegal weapons, but their operation turned to warfare after Ahmed Daaci militia defended the wanted house.

Reports indicate civilian casualties in the fight which AMISOM police and military participated.

The house of Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan – a former warlord and current politician in the area- was also affected .

Ahmed Daa’I escaped from the scene, as the security forces alongside AMISOM are surrounding the house.

The Federal Government officials have not yet commented on this incident and attempts to reach them was not successful.

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