Guri’el Hospital closed due to lack of medical supply

The only hospital serving people of Guri’el town is facing understaffed and perennially lack essential drugs, says the hospital administration.

The report says the hospital cannot adequately serve the town residents if the issue is not addressed by the Somali government and other well-wishers.

The director of the hospital, Ali Omar Tarabi speaking to Goobjoog news on Wednesday that they are about close down the district hospital as a result of medicine run out and the pharmacies in the town are facing shortage of medical supply.

“All departments of the hospital are facing lack of medicine, the situation of the people is terrible,” Tarabi said.

The director has recommended that the town’s administration especially health department tackles the issue of lack drugs in town’s hospital urgently as very few people can afford medicines from outside.

“The issue of drug supplies to Hospital must be resolved immediately and future supplies to the hospital be processed and delivered on time because the town is growing rapidly,” said Mr Tarabi .

Mr Tarabi finally asked the local administration, Somalia government to employ more health workers to improve service delivery.

Since Somalia central government was toppled in 1990s, the country has been facing lack proper medical supply as some medical traders were importing counterfeit drugs which made the situation out of frying into the fire.

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