Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: Spy chief Fahad Yasin threat to public institutions

GOOBJOOG NEWS| MOGADISHU: The national spy chief Fahad Yasin is the ‘owner’ of President Mohamed Farmaajo’s government and has wreaked havoc, former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has said in what is perhaps the most scathing attack at the intelligence boss by a former head of state.

Speaking during a public forum Saturday night, Mohamud said Yasin had destroyed public institutions which he has served in noting the trend can no longer be left to continue. “The owner of this government is well known; it is Fahad Yasin. It is not, Ali, Jama or Asha. Let us say it as it is,”

Yasin, a former journalist at Al Jazeera is credited in political circles for masterminding President Mohamed Farmaajo’s ascendency into office in 2016.

“Fahad became the director of the presidential palace, we know what happened in the presidency when he was the director of the intelligence service, it is known what happened to the security forces, he disbanded the security forces, he destroyed them, he destroyed them alone, he destroyed the security forces, and today he is destroying politics.”

Before he was appointed National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) boss, Yasin was the chief of staff at Villa Somalia.

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