Djibouti forces clash with police in Jalalaqsi, Hiiraan region

Djibouti forces serving under AMISOM clashed with local police in Jalalaqsi in Hiiraan region Sunday morning, a police officer said.

The two sides, according to a police officer Muuse Salad, the clashes happened after the Djibouti forces attempted to free ‘one of their own’ who had been detained at a police station in the town.

There was fire exchange as a result, the police officer said noting there was no casualties on their part. “I can’t tell about them but on our side, there were no casualties,” Salad said.

The clash comes barely two weeks after Djibouti forces reportedly left two locations in Jalalaqsi after a dispute with the local administration according to sources who spoke to Goobjoog News.

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