Hiran administration negotiate a peace deal in Mahas district

Hiran regional administration is undertaking peace initiatives to tackle tensions between local communities in Mahas district in the region.

Yusuf Dabaged the governor of Hiran region leading a delegation of intellectuals have arrived on Sunday in Mahas district of Hiran region to end the clan clashes.

Yusuf Ahmed Hagar Daba-geed who addressed the media has called on the local communities to take the peace in the border clashes of the areas between Hiran and Galgadud.

“We have commitments with Gamudug intellectuals today to discuss on how to eradicate the conflict between these clans who are always afraid of clashes,” he said

Yussuf has also called the two administrations of Galmudug and Hirshabelle to take an important role to end the violence between the two sides.

Dudun Cad under Mahas district of Hiran region and boarder with Galgadud is reported to have resumed clan conflict area between the neighbouring clans in the two regions.

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