HirShabelle lawmakers drop motion against Waare

FILE: Mohamed Abdi Ware, the president of Hirshabelle State

HirShabelle state MPs have dropped their impeachment bid against their state president Mohamed Abdi Waare on Sunday following lengthy talks.

Waare reportedly urged the lawmakers to stop the motion in talks which started Saturday.

The state MPs had of last week distributed the motion in which they accuse Waare of incompetence and failure to curb insecurity in the region noting Al-Shabaab militants had cut off supply routes linking the capital Johwar and Mogadishu.

Osman Barre Mohamed, parliament speaker of Hirshabelle said the motion was just to warn the president and correct mistakes of his administration and focus on the progress of the region.

President Waare dropped his anti-government stance late month after a week-long meeting in Mogadishu distancing himself from the decision by his fellow state leaders to cease cooperation with the Federal Government.

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