Hundreds of families facing starvation as floods destroy farmlands in Gedo region

FILE: Locals in Beletweyne move to safer ground as floods continue. Photo: Goobjoog News

Hundreds of families in Saakow and Badhere districts in Gedo region have been robbed of livelihoods following heavy flooding in the area as Jubba River burst its banks.

Locals told Goobjoog News the heavy downpour in the last couple of days had inundated farms causing severe food shortage. Farmers also said up to 73 water pumps had been swept away by the floods which the UN estimates has now affected over half a million people.

“We are worried because the floods are continuing and so far we have suffered heavy losses,” Ismail Amin a farmer in Barowdinle told Goobjoog News. Amin added that almost 130 families who were living around along Jubba River have fled from their homes to look for safer grounds.

The government announced a $1 million package to support humanitarian response in the country while calling for increased support from Somalis and the international community.

Goobjoog News

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