IJA Security forces thwarted an attack on Stadium in Kismayo

The security forces of Jubbaland have claimed to have discovered landmine buried in Waamo stadium in Kismayo, administrative capital IJA.

Addressing the journalists in Kismayo town, spokesman of IJA security forces, Ahmed Arab said that, while acting on information from the locals, the soldiers of Jubbaland managed to thwart an attack organized by Al-Shabab intended to harm and damage players and dismantled the concealed landmine.

“Our especial soldiers collaborating with the public have successfully dismantled the landmine buried in Waamo Stadium” he said.

The spokesman hailed the cooperation between the security forces and the locals in preventing the attack saying this shows a positive step towards restoring peace and order to the town.

Finally he called on those who have any information of possible attacks to inform the relevant authorities.

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