Illegal weapons smuggled into Kenya through Garissa

As the Kenyan government plans to have a massive repatriation of Somali refugees from the Dadaab camps, reports have emerged of illegal weapons making their way into the country through illegal porous routes in Garissa County.

This has heightened suspicion that some of the youth at the camps are facilitating the business of weapons influx.

According to North Eastern regional security Director Ambassador Mohammed Saleh, the government has done much to curb the illegal trade but the efforts are being hampered by a large number of refugee youths involved in the business.

Saleh pointed out that Hagadera as the most notorious region where the business is seemingly thriving with youths transacting in hushed tones.

However, the director says a team of intelligence officers are on the ground collecting crucial information that will help the security agencies in fighting the vice that is apparently a threat to national security.

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