Interior Minister urges Galmudug communities to unite in implementing political deal

Ministry of Interior, Federalism and Reconciliation Abdi Sabriye has urged communities in Galmudug to join hands in implementing the political agreements and formation of a new administration.

The Minister noted that the agreement with Ahlu Sunna Waljama would play a major role in the completion of Galmudug government formation and that communities are should move swiftly to participate in this process.

“The process of establishing the Galmudug state has already moved forward and we will put everything in a place. From now on I will accelerate the formation of the administration, on the other hand, we seek the support of the communities, ”said the Interior Minister.

The Ministry of Interior, Federalism and Reconciliation on Thursday successfully reached an agreement with Ahlu Sunna elders who welcomed government officials, civil society and the international community.

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