International Press Institutes urges Somalia president to end journalists harassment

The International Press Institute has urged Somalia President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed to take immediate actions to end the harassment of journalists and media outlets.

According to a letter released by International Press Institutes expressed serious concern over the rapidly declining state of press freedom and persistent harassment of journalists by the Somali national intelligence and other government officials.

The letter declared that democracy in Somalia will not be able to grow without independent media and the freedom of media.

With maximum respect and legitimacy, the International Press Institute calls Somalia’s president to ensure that the National Intelligent Security Agency and other government officials to stop arresting, attacking and threatening independent journalists and media outlets in the country for the democracy to rule.

Somalia’s journalist encounters difficult situations from different angles including Al-Shabab attacks and government intimidation in their daily routine and other extra-judicial killings as an example of Saiid Yusuf Ali assassinated in Mogadishu on last Tuesday.

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