Jubbaland forces backed by commandos attack Al-shabaab base

Jubbaland forces backed by Somali commandos have launched ground assaults on an Al-Shabab base in southern Somalia on Tuesday night.

The operation was targeting Bula-Gaduud locality, which lies 40 kilometers 30 outside Kismayo town in the Lower Jubba region.
U.S. trained troops were on the ground advising the Jubbaland forces who engaged in a gun battle with Al-Shabaab fighters in the base.
According to senior military officials in Kismayo town identified as Abdi, 4 al-Shabaab fighters including three mid-level commanders were killed in Bulo-Gaduud village near Kismaayo town.

“During the course of the operation, four militants were killed in a single place near Kismaayo town just last night… Their weapons and ammunition were confiscated by Somali commandos,” said the official.

The US funded and trained Somali units Alpha Group or Gaashaan, and the Danab (Lighting) are now active to conduct surprise attacks on Al-Shabaab strongholds while using human intelligence sources on the ground as well as intercepting cell phone communications used by the militants leaders and commanders.
In the past few days, Somali commandos and foreign forces stepped up ground and air offensives against Al-Shabaab strongholds in Lower Shabelle region, including Taratorow and Sabiid villages.
Somali government officials have not confirmed the operation, but the forces have conducted several operations inside the country.
Goobjoog News contacted AMISOM for confirmation of its participation in the offensive but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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