Jubbaland President Madobe signs State draft Constitution

Jubbaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam today signed the draft constitution of Jubbaland, officially acknowledging it as the official supreme law of the State.

The draft is a product of months of consultation with members of the public and input from committee of experts.

The charter which will now be presented to the state assembly for approval was funded by the Somali Stability Fund and could be the first official legally binding document. Also present during the ceremony were Jubbaland deputy president Abdikadir Lugadhere and Jubbaland parliament speaker.

Jubba State was officially formed in February after lengthy negotiations following the 2013 Addis Ababa Agreement.

The state declared last month that it was severing ties with the Federal government of Somalia after lawmakers in Mogadishu passed a vote of no confidence on the Jubbaland State Assembly.

President Ahmed thanked the drafting committee noting that the document would be the best serve the people of Jubbaland.

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