Madobe formally inaugurated, calls for unity and cooperation

The President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, was inaugurated yesterday evening at a grand event attended by various dignitaries and hundreds of people in the Jubbaland region.

Madobe addressed the occasion and various aspects of the situation, first addressing the situation of the Jubbaland Regional State.

The President said he would concentrate on the liberation of the regions under Al-Shabaab control, development and peace in the region.

He said Somalia needs to work with security as a key priority and that the fight against al-Shabaab, should be strengthened in order to implement the government’s plans and rebuild the country.

Addressing the unity and national unity of the nation, he said that no one in Somalia can take any inch of Somalia and interfere with the unity of Somalia.

The Jubbaland leader added presidents of Federal Member States must work together for the interests of the nation.

On the 2020 elections, Madobe said all stakeholders must work together to ensure and free and fair process.

Madobe also paid tribute to AMISOM forces for their efforts in stabilizing Somalia but added there is need to set clear milestones to hand over responsibility to Somali army.

On the debt relief process, Madobe said it must be a priority item for all stakeholders and also urged the international community to hold to account the Federal Government on any aid given.


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