Former Jubbaland Security Minister Arrived Beled-Hawo District

Reports from Gedo region indicate that forme Jubbaland Security Minister Abdi Rashid Hassan Nur Janan arrived in Beled-Hawo district on Tuesday earlier.

It was yesterday when Amnesty International released a press statement calling Kenya government to immediately arrest fugitive former Jubbaland minister Abdirashid Janan who is wanted for alleged “serious crimes”, and hand him over to Somalia to face trial.

Besides the minister’s return from Kenya, some of Gedo regions main towns including Dolow, Beled-Hawa, Bardere, Garbaharey districts residents welcomed the arrival of Abdirashid Janan.

Janan escaped a cell in Mogadishu through a window on January 28 and January 31 arrived in Kismayo on the same day flew to the capital Kenya using a special jet.

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