Jubbaland state MPs accuse president Madobe for neglect of Gedo resident

Jubbaland state MPs who yesterday arrived Gabaharey district of Gedo region to convince the people in the region following series of protest by the people of Gedo region against Jubbaland administration.

The state MPs who spoke to the media in Garbaharey yesterday have accused Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe and his first deputy Mohamud Sayid Adan the blame for neglecting the people of Gedo region.

The MPs pointed out that Jubbaland top authorities are not interested in fixing the anxiety situation in Gedo, but they are creating hatreds between the communities in the region.

The population of Gedo region has before accused Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe of incompetence and failure to ensure political stability in the region.

Hundreds of people of Garbaharey have been demonstrating last year against authorities of Jubaland state for not considering the hardship life of the population living in Gedo region.

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