Kenya police name three suspects behind murder of teachers in Wajir

File Photo: Online

Kenyan police have named three people as responsible for the Friday night attack on a primary school in Wajir killing three teachers and injuring several others.

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Swaleh identified Maalim Yusuf Abdullahi, Daud Ahmed Mohamed and Abdirashid Ibrahim Osman noting Abdullahi who hails from Bojigaras was the commander of the group.

Swaleh order local administrators in the area to produce the suspects and hand them over to the police.

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The suspects raided a Qarsa Primary School in Wajir Friday killing three teachers. Reports from Wajir say non local teachers have threatened to live the county for fear of similar attacks.

Education minister Amina Mohamed warned Friday the militant group Al-Shabaab was targeting schools as soft spots but noted the government was putting up security measures to prevent future attacks.

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