Khatumo state expresses hope over diffusing the ongoing clan clashes in Qoriley

Khatumo State expresses hope over ironing out of the ongoing clashes and noted that the conflict in Qoriley locality would be resolved soon.

Mohamed Ali one officials of Buhoodle administration speaking to Goobjoog News said that dispatched traditional elders reached to Qoriley village to mediate recurrent clan clashes which emerged as a result of land and grazing disputes between two warring clans and succeeded to stop the fighting.

He pointed out that the two sides proceeded to negotiation stage and that hopefully will iron out their differences.

“The elders are ploughing for face to face negotiation meeting which will be attended by both sides” he said.

Talks between the two warring clans are expected to follow the ceasefire in the presence of the traditional elders and the government in quest to end these tensions which recurred in the past decade.

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