Landmine Blast strikes AU peacekeeping troops in Gedo

Three soldiers have alledgedly sustained injuries after heavy land mine explosion today targeted an AMISOM convoy at Tarake locality in Gedo region.

The land mine explosion targeted one of the army vehicles which were escorting a lorry carrying goods for the AMISOM convoy believed to have been going a nearby military camp in that area.

“We heard a thunderous explosion near Tarake locality which was targeted AMISOM convoy, three soldiers wounded in the attack after the bomb destroyed their vehicle,” said a witness.

The blast was caused by a remote-controlled landmine and the main blast happened after the AMISOM trucks had passed, says another witness in the areas

Gunshots were heard from the scene of the incidents that opened by the targeted forces.

Goobjoog News correspondent in Gedo region confirms that the explosion damaged the vehicle completely and AMISOM troops started combed the area searching for the perpetrators.

The explosions were so loud and could be heard in the whole area and its surroundings and are believed to have caused severe damages to the peacekeeping troops as the casualties caused by the explosion could rise could.

Authorities in Gedo declined to talk about it when we contacted them

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