Life is an open book for former Turkish teacher

Dursun Cicek, whose love of books blossomed during his childhood, has a vast personal library in his home

Dursun Cicek, a former Turkish teacher who is an avid and voracious reader. Photo courtesy: Anadolu News Agency


For a retired teacher, the expression ‘life’s an open book’ takes on new meaning.

Dursun Cicek, who lives in central Kayseri, has around 30,000 books in his home.

Cicek’s love of books started in his childhood when he was in primary school. He emulated his older brothers in reading books and it soon became a habit.

Then he started buying books with every penny he earned for many years. Cicek, now 54, collected 43,000 books and formed a personal library this way.

Later, he had difficulty maintaining the books and gave around 13,000 to other people, reducing the number in his home to around 30,000.

He is also editor-in-chief of City Arts and Culture Magazine, which is published in Kayseri Province.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Cicek said he has read tens of thousands of books.

“Currently, all my rooms are filled with books except my kitchen and bathroom. I do not know how many I have read, but my reading adventure started with an overall 150 pages a day. Now I read 250 pages per day,” he said.

Cicek said he has also separated from his wife because of the books.

“It is not easy to live in a house full of books. For a woman, it is not easy at all. Of course, when my books had beat having furniture, I moved to another house. Currently, I am living in a separate house with my books,” he said.

Cicek said he sees books as his friends.

“Books are not only bought to be read,” he said. They are also meant to bond with.

He added that he gives a book as a present to every visitor to his home.


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