Local COVID-19 case in Mogadishu raises fears of virus spread

Health deputy minister warns of possible spread of COVID19 after resident with no travel history tests positive

There could be several undetected cases of COVID-19 in Somalia, the country’s health assistant minister Mohamed Abdullahi has warned following a case of local transmission announced Friday.

Abdullahi said the virus may have spread to an unknown number of people after the latest  COVID-19 was discovered in Mogadishu with no history of travel from outside the country.

Health Minister Fawziya Abikar announced Friday two more cases- one a Somali national and another a foreigner adding to seven the total cases recorded in the country.

The UN Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) said the foreigner was an employee of a private company operating under contract to the UN. The number of UN contractors who have tested positive for COVID-19 stands at two.

Dr. Abikar noted the government had started contact tracing to locate persons who may have come in contact with the two cases. It was not immediately clear how the case within Mogadishu with no travel history contracted the virus. All the previous cases including two in Somaliland had traveled into the country.

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