Madobe, Deni to meet UN, partners ahead of talks with Farmaajo

Puntland President Abdullahi Deni and his Jubbaland counterpart Ahmed Madobe are today holding talks with members of the international community ahead of poll talks with President Mohamed Farmaajo.

Sources privy to the developments have told Goobjoog News the two leaders who are due to arrive in Mogadishu today will be meeting representatives from the international community shortly.
The meeting will take place at Aden Adde Airport before the two leaders proceed to Villa Somalia. UN head in Somalia James Swan is expected to lead the talks.
Both Madobe and Deni boycotted the Dhusamareb III rounds and subsequently rubbished the outcome as ‘personal opinion’.
The meeting with the international community is understood as a result of some form of pressure on the two leaders to soften their stance ahead of meeting with Farmaajo.
The Dhusamareb III rounds settled on an enhanced formula of the 2016 electoral model increasing the number of voters by over 60,000. In the model, 301 voters elect an individual MP adding to over 80,000 voters electing the 275 member chamber.
More to follow.

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