Madobe rebukes AMISOM’s head over ‘Ogaden deal’ remark

Jubbaland state has lashed out at AMISOM head in Somalia Francisco Madeira terming his remarks during a UN Security Council briefing last week as ‘unacceptable and unethical.’

The southerly state said Madeira had overstepped his mandate and engaged in politics with the effect of undermining the reconciliation process and stability in the region.

“Jubbaland State warns that reducing the local effort of peace building to clannism is to undermine a genuine reconciliation process and promotes clannism which might lead to destruction and insecurity in the region,” a statement released Monday read in part.

In his address to the UN Security Council on Friday, Madeira termed the deal between President Ahmed Madobe and his political rivals in Nairobi last week ‘a pact among Ogaden clan leaders’.

“In Jubbaland state, we take note of recent developments that saw Jubbaland leader and Ogaden opposition figures reach a settlement that led to mutual recognition and cohabitation,” Madeira said.

He called for the inclusion of all clans in Jubbaland ‘to find a lasting solution to the political, social and economic problems that continue to beseech that Federal Member State.’

Madobe and his political rivals- Abdirizak Hidig, Abdinasir Serar and Dahir Ahmed Sheikh announced a deal last month in Nairobi which was subsequently welcomed by the international community in Somalia through a joint statement issued by the UN Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

“We, therefore like to remind Ambassador Francisco Madeira of his responsibility to remain objective and most importantly remain neutral to avoid undermining the efforts put into such a reconciliation,” Jubbaland further noted in today’s statement.

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