Madoobe Nunow’s administration rejects compromise

Senior officials of South West Somalia administration led by Madobe Nunow stated that they will never give up and compromise the establishment of regional administration comprising of six regions.

Mohamed Suldan Siraji, council of elders deputy chairman in Baidoa confirmed that the speaker of federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari had meeting with the elders but not agreed to give up their decision.

The elder said South West administration of six region has been finalized without support from the federal government adding that it has parliament and functioning cabinet that has been appointed recently.

Jawari and delegates of lawmakers have been in Baidoa for weeks to pursuade the  administration of Madoobe Nunow to compromise and back federal government’s effort to form an inclusive administration comprising of  three regions.

Baidoa conference aimed to solve the political tensions in the region officially opened by Somali prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh ahmed Mohamed on Sunday has entered its second day.

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