DPM Guled: We will soon announce new party led by President Farmaajo

The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Mahdi Guled khadar, has today announced a national political party led by the President.

He said the party would be the biggest national party chaired by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

“We are coming with a national political party, with a big vision on 2020 election,” said Deputy prime minister.

Somalia has inched closer to embracing multi-party politics in more than 50 years on last year, thanks to the interim registration of the first seven political parties.

The National Independent Electoral Commission issued certificates of temporary registration to seven political in a move that could also see the country depart from the clan-based political power-sharing arrangement commonly referred to as 4.5.

The registration of the political parties was also historic as it comes at least 50 years after the country fell into a military dictatorship in the late 1960s. Somalia is preparing to hold one person one vote elections in 2020.

Formation of political parties is one of the steps towards the 2020 elections as set out during the 2016 agreements between the country’s top leadership.

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