Major blackout in Hargeisa as heavy rains rock town

Heavy rains in Hargeisa on Monday caused a power blackout in most parts of the Town.

Residents of Ahmed, New Hargeisa said they have not had electricity in their houses for two days.

They said crime will increase if they continue to be in darkness.

“Most gangs like operating at night and since it is raining and dark, it would be difficult for people to notice when the alarm is raised,” resident Jama Ali said.

Many residents make their livelihoods from small businesses that are electricity dependent.

“Electricity is essential in our day to day activities and I have written to the electricity company branch to dispatch their emergency team to monitor the situation around,” Ali said.

Added “There are many activities that cannot run without electricity and Power companies have to know,”

The downpour that lashed Hargeisa town on Monday evening affected normal life to a great extent.

Many trees were uprooted, electricity poles were damaged, roads were inundated and power supply was disrupted for a long time.

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