Mandera locals drill borehole, find aquifer

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A massive aquifer has been discovered in Takaba subcounty of Mandera.
An aquifer is an underground water reservoir.
The discovery was made when the Mandera county government drilled a borehole at Darwed.
The borehole on the aquifer sits upon a massive aquifer and pumps clean water at a rate of 30,0000 cubic metres per hour.
Previously, residents relied on the borehole at Wangeidhan,15km from Takaba town.
The Wangeidhan borehole, which produces salty water, served nearly 50,000 residents.
Governor Ali Roba joined the residents in celebrating the new project.
He said his government will pump clean water to the surrounding towns.
“Water has always been scarce in Takaba. It is unbelievable that sweet water was within the reach of Takaba people,” Roba said.
He said his government will ensure residents and livestock have sufficient water during the dry season.
An exuberant 55-year-old community elder in Darwed could not hide his excitement. He termed the project a miracle. “We have been facing water shortages since before and after independence. Now it’s over,” he said.
Other projects are expected in Dandu, Kobadadi, Shimbir-Fatuma, Burmayo, Sukela, Tinfa and Bambo.
Water executive Ahmed Ali said the county government will map out areas with aquifers through satellite and other technology.

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