Mandera still unstable over Somali clashes – Governor Roba


The situation in Mandera is still unstable over the clash between Jubaland forces and the Somali National Army, governor Ali Roba has said. On Monday, the two forces clashed, leaving 12 people injured in Mandera town. One of the injured later succumbed.

A spot check in Mandera town on Saturday and Sunday showed that residents had resumed their normal businesses after remaining closed for the better part of the week. But on Wednesday, Roba said via twitter that the situation was not improving in the county.

“…SC the situation is still unstable. Jubaland forces are still holed up within Mandera town,” he said. He was responding to lawyer Ahmednassir who questioned him on what the situation was like on Twitter.

“Last night there were gunshots along the border believed to be from Janan forces. Today the public has reported two lorries carrying Janan troops heading to Mandera along B9/A13 Road,” Roba added.

On Saturday, Roba appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to guarantee the safety and security of residents. In the last month, there has been a major fallout between the Regional Government of Jubaland and the Federal Government of Somalia.

The presence of Jubaland Defense Minister Abdirashid Janan in Kenya is said to be the main reason for the escalating tension. Police last week issued a security alert confirming the clashes incident in the border town of Bulla Hawa but maintained security teams remained on high alert.

The Chairman of the Council of Governors Wycliffe Opaaranya urged the government to take prompt action in restoring peace and calmness in the county. He said the CoG is concerned about the rampant attacks in Mandera County that has caused a lot of distress to citizens.

“The National Government is mandated to ensure Kenyan lives are protected and our borders remain safe and impregnable to attacks as what has been witnessed today,” he said in a press statement.

He urged the residents to shun the affected area to avoid any fatalities.

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