Ministry of Agriculture plans to renovate 10 canals

The Minister of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Somalia has indicated the rehabilitation of 10 canals in Lower and Middle Shebelle regions to reduce flooding along the Shebelle River.

Saiid Hussein Eid, Minister of Agriculture told the media that the aims of building the canals are to reduce flooding of Shebelle river banks and not cause another loss of lives and livelihoods of the people.

“We have completed the construction of the main Birimo canal in Lower Shebelle region and we are currently planning to rehabilitate five channels in the Middle Shebelle region and five Lower Shebelle which are the ten major channels,” added Minister of Agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Somalia noted that the main reason for the flooding of the Shebelle River is that the river is buried and filled with soil which resulted in the river to break out.

He also mentioned the Shebelle river floods in several ways, the first one being the river that has been buried and has not received any repairs for a while and the second one is that it has been open the river from wrong places which are often used by Al-Shabaab poses protectionists.

Mr Said Hussein Minister of Agriculture said the government has a unified approach to water issues when it comes to the river and other common areas.

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