Mogadishu consultative conference is not inclusive says Somali MP

A Somali parliamentarian, Abdirashid Mohamed Abdullahi has criticised the technical committee of the on- going consultative conference in Villa Somalia saying the conference is not inclusive as some of regional states were not invited to attend it.
He pointed out that some regions in the country such as Awal, North-West, Sool and Sanaag regions have not been invited to take part the conference intended to discuss on the future of the country.
“We have self-declared regional states including Maakhir, Awadal, Khaatumo states and even the breakaway Somaliland, that are all part of the country which the government is claiming to have started a consultative meeting to discuss on its future” he said.
This comes hours after Puntland delegation allegedly pulled out of the on- going consultative conference in Villa Somalia opposing the presence of the Galmudug leadership.
The delegation led by the state president Abdiweli Mohamed Ali is said to have decided last night to cancel its participation over concerns that it was sharing the same table with Galmudug state which Puntland has vehemently declined to acknowledge since its formation.

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