Mogadishu mayor call residents to relinquish all public land soon

Mogadishu mayor and the governor of Benadir Region Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow warned residents in Mogadishu that are still in use of public land to vacate as soon as possible.

He said that his administration is committed to repatriating all public areas, and will not be allowed anyone to be in control for individual interest.

Mayor Yarisow has fully appended that they are coming soon to expelled all those in control of the public land.

The Benadir Regional Administration has previously destroyed several buildings that were illegally built in government lands.

There have been numerous allegations of corruption regarding the selling of public land with claims of fake title deeds finding a way into the official system.

Land and property ownership in Mogadishu remains an emotive and complex issue dating back to the collapse of the government in 1991.

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