Mogadishu military court condemns navy officer to death for murder

The Chief of the First Degree Military Court Major Hassan Ali Shute ruled the defendant Abdinasir Hosh was guilty of killing his senior Admiral Sa’id Adan Yusuf January 18, 2018. Photo credit: Online

A military court in Mogadishu Tuesday sentenced to death a navy officer found guilty of killing his senior Admiral Sa’id Adan Yusuf.

The first degree court condemned Abdinasir Hosh to face the firing squad for the murder of Yusuf following a scuffle in the port of Mogadishu January 18.

Military judge Hassan Ali Shute ruled the court found Hosh guilty of the charges

The court found Abdinasir Hosh guilty for the charges preferred. He was stripped of his rank and sentenced to death for killing Sa’id Adan Yusuf (Sai’d Marino).

The two are reported to have had an argument in the port of Mogadishu before the defendant opened fire killing Sa’id Marino.



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