MONTHLY REPORT: New election date in Somaliland then a fist fight in parliament

Goobjoog News Monthly report takes a look at the stories that hit the headlines on a monthly basis in each of the regional states of Somalia. Somaliland announced a new election date in September and a scuffle ensued in parliament during a session.

September 10, 2015: Somaliland elections commission announces 28/03/2017 for the  intensely disputed general election.

September 12, 2015: A scuffle ensues during a parliamentary session debating the a draft motion on privatization of the Barbera seaport

September 15, 2015:  The 8th high level aid co-ordination forum opens in Harygeysa  bringing together Somaliland president , representatives of aid countries , United Nations, the International community and among other stakeholders. Somaliland president Silanyo delivers  speech at forum in which he thanked aid countries and asked to continue their commitment to the development of Somaliland.

September 17, 2015: The humanitarian situation in parts of Somalia continues to deteriorate for more than 3 million civilians despite efforts to improve conditions by actors and donors, the United Nations relief (UNOCHA) said in a report last month. 13 people were reported to have died for hunger and malnutrition causes in Somaliland. Aid agencies reported.

September 18, 2015: Sultan Mowlid Ali Sabaye, traditional elder is arrested by Somaliland security forces after he criticized government’s proposal to privatize fuel depot in the sea port city of Berbera.

September 21, 2015 :  Somaliland signs security pact with Ethiopia in Diridawa. Ethiopia’s minister of foreign affairs, Somali region president and Somaliland interior minister attended the meeting.

September 23, 2015: At least three people are killed following a fierce flare up in Qoriley locality of Sool region after warring clan militias clashed in a fight that lasted for hours . Hundreds of families were displaced from their homes.

September 27, 2015:  Somaliland president heads to Ireland and UK.  President Silanyo was set to press for recognition from former colonial master the UK.

September 27, 2015: Speaker and his Deputy reoncile after a fist fight in Parliament and apologized to the public.

September 29, 2015: Another tribal fight erupted in Qorilley locality this time killing three more people.



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