Move to bar Fed. Minister in line with Kismayu declaration-Puntland

Puntland authorities bar federal planning minister from addressing a local university, cites non-cooperation pact by federal states


The dispute between the Federal Government and state governments took a new twist Sunday after Puntland barred federal planning minister Gamal Hassan from addressing a local university.

Puntland Information Minister Abdi Ali said in a statement Monday the eastern state took the decision in line with the September 3 decision by the federal member states to cease cooperation with the federal government.

“The Minister of Planning came here to contest as MP because this is his constituency. But it is very wrong to have meetings in Garowe because that is against the decisions reached at in Kismayu,” said Ali.

Hassan alongside National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) chair were to address Puntland State University staff and students after concluding the by-election in Garowe which saw Hassan elected as MP representing the Warsangeli clan.

However the two were notified ahead of the visit that they were not welcome in the university.

“Until the pending issues are resolved, anyone who comes and holds meetings here will be part of the problem,” added Ali.

The federal states declared September 3 to halt cooperation with Mogadishu issuing an ultimatum to President Mohamed Farmaajo’s administration to end what they termed as interference of state governments and failure to implement agreements reached during the Baidoa meeting in May.

The agreements included resources sharing between the two levels of government including donor aid, military and police support and natural resources management.

HirShabelle’s Abdi Waare however changed heart later in the month noting he would ‘work with the government’ following a week-long meeting in Mogadishu with Prime Minister Hassan Khaire.





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