MP manhandled, another blocked by security forces in city lock-down


The vehicle of Mahad Salad (MP) can be seen in this picture at Zoope Junction. Security forces blocked major roads in the city. Photo: Goobjoog News

A lawmaker was this morning manhandled by security forces while another was briefly barred from heading to parliament this morning along KM5 road as security forces enforced a lock-down of major city roads ahead of arrival of Ethiopian and Eritrea foreign ministers into the country.

Mahad Salad (MP) told Goobjoog News the security forces blocked his car from driving through KM5 noting no vehicle was allowed to drive through.

“The officers told us we could not proceed and two of them attempted to seize guns held by my security guards,” the lawmaker said. The officers later opened the way for the lawmaker.

Another lawmaker, Abdukadir Mohamed Osman Falijile told Goobjoog News security forces abused and manhandled him after them blocked his passage.

“The security forces stopped me but I told I am an MP and going to Parliament. “One officer said,” the lawmaker added, “I am not your MP, you are the MP for your clan. They argued with my staff and manhandled me. This is not a security measure but a political objective,” the MP said.

The MPs were heading to parliament where the Lower House was set to debate the Arms Control and Auditor General Bill both in first and second reading stages respectively.

Major roads stretching from Eelasha Biyaa to Maka al Mukarama remained closed in the morning forcing city residents to walk to various destinations. The lock-down comes barely three days after a similar one during the October 14 anniversary event held at Zoope junction in KM5.




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