MPs table motion against President Hassan

Over fifty Somali Federal MPs tabled motion against President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, accusing of bypassing the provisional constitution of Somalia.

Speaking to Goobjoog News Khadijo Mohamed Diriye, who is among the MPs signed the motion said MPs accused Mohamud of blatant disregard for the Provisional Federal Constitution and denying the privileges constitution grants the Federal MPs.

“Having seen article 70 [of the Provisional Federal Constitution] which stipulates that the Federal MPs should be frisked” she said.

The development comes after the president called on the members of Parliament to go through security searches and scans to contain further security breaches that could threat the security of passengers.

“Investigations are underway, further details will be announced later. The Airport has all the necessary technologies but the question is what can you do if you have betraying hands” said the president

Cabinet members and MPs enjoy privilege passes which give them the access of airport and other sensitive places unchecked

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