New President Elected for Hirshebble State.

Ali Abdullahi  Osoble has been elected the new president of Hirshebble state. Osoble won 61 votes out of 97 votes casted by the state assembly. Ali Abdullahi Hussein Gudlawe was also elected as vice president of Hirshebble with an absolute majority.

The election of Ali Osoble and Gudlwale marks the end of Somalia’s Federalization process. Hirshebble is fifth Federal state to emerge from long and controversial process.

Osoble is born in Mogadishu and educated in America. He holds a decree of Agro-economics at Sam Houstan State Univeristy in America.

He was elected Federal MP in 2004 and then won second term in 2008-2012.

The vice president Ali Hussien Gudlawe was the governor of Middle shebbele region for the last two years and resigned his post days ago to run for vice presidency.


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