Norway to assist Somalia in a new approach

The Foreign Minitser of Norway Mr. Barge Brende arrived today in Mogadishu and had a meeting in Somali villa with the Somali President Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo who is accompanied by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre.

The two Somali leaders discussed with the Norwegian Foreign Minister on how Norway could extend support to the Somali government.

“Today we had a visit from Norwegian Foreign Minister with his entourage on the purpose of assessing the situation of the county and how we can work together. The Norwegian government cited the optimistic status and big opportunities for Somalia and are ready to help in a different way than before by working directly with the government in the sectors of economy, government expenditure, rebuilding of the country and peace” said PM Kheyre.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister pledged to take diverse steps to assist Somalia since now the country is ripe for attention.

This follows a response to the request of the Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre on backing his government.

The major obstacle to his new cooperation will be if Somalia is not ready to benefit from these pledges according to the Somali Premier.

To realize these goals, the Norwegian government will also be working intimately with the Somali government.

Addressing the Somali citizens, the Somali Premier informed them how the world is ready and paying full attention to the Somali government. He reiterated for the Somali population to be serious in rebuilding their motherland with collective effort in order to clinch these opportunities and displaying individual responsibility for everyone to play their part.

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