Oil summit organisers accuse Somali govt of ‘disorganisation’ as it cancels event

Amsas Consulting and IRN accused the government of reneging on its earlier approval of the summit. File Photo: Goobjoog News

The organisers of the oil summit which was scheduled for March next year have accused the Somali government of ‘disorganisation and lack of clarity’ as they announced the cancellation of the event which saw two ministries read from different scripts.

In a statement dated December 8, Amsas and IRN said they had canceled the summit but would still be available to host future summits.

“Amsas Contractors a subsidiary of Amsas Consulting and its partner IRN International regret to announce that with effect from today we have ceased the proposed Somalia Mining, Oil and Gas Summit due to circumstances that emanated from the lack of clarity and disorganization of the institution that is responsible for Petroleum and Mining of the Federal Republic of Somalia,” the statement read in part.

The statement follows another letter early last month in which International Research Networks (IRN) had said it was surprised to learn about the government’s position distancing itself from the meeting but expressed hope the issues would be resolved.

“We received the letter of endorsement from the Somali Federal Government almost two months ago,” IRN noted, “And were subsequently surprised to receive communication from the Minister of Petroleum and Mining of the Federal Republic of Somalia on 5th November, which we hope will be resolved quickly.”


Petroleum Minister Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed had just filed a protest letter warning IRN that his ministry had neither endorsed nor been involved in any discussion regarding the summit.

“It has surprisingly come to my attention International Research Network is organizing a summit in Nairobi called Somali Oil, Gas and Mining Summit, in March 2018,” said Ahmed in the letter addressed to one the chairman of IRN Mr. Hillary. “Regrettably, I am writing to clearly inform you that the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has neither endorsed not has been involved in any discussion of the stated Summit.”

But a letter dated September 9, 2017 signed by the State Minister, Office of the Prime Minister Abdullahi Hamud Mohamed endorsed the summit and expressed his willing ‘to develop an excellent high level forum to ensure fruitful participation for all the delegations and speakers’.

Meanwhile Goobjoog News has learnt officials from the ministry of petroleum and other line ministers visiting Stavanger in Norway for capacity building on managing the oil sector. According to World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP), Stavanger houses all major international operators with around 300 oil service companies based there. It describes Stavanger as the European Oil and Gas capital.





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