Opposition parties in show of unity as 2020 race takes shape

Major political Tuesday announced the formation of a focal point to rally their cause on matters of common interest and hold the government accountable as the build to the 2020 elections takes shape.

UPD chairman and former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said the parties had agreed to form the Forum for National Parties which will bring together the political parties in one umbrella.

The former head of state said the forum will be a common ground for the parties to ‘discuss common issues affecting the country and hold the government accountable’.

The FNP, Mohamud said will consist of two key organs-the Supreme Council and the Secretariat. The former will be composed of leaders of the constituting political parties while the latter will bring together all the secretaries-general of the parties.

Abdilatif Muse Noor will be forum’s spokesperson.

The formation of FNP comes amid preparation for the next general election which if done in a similar manner as the previous one will run from October to February 2021 culminating into the election of a new president.

It is not, however, clear if the new forum bringing together political heavyweights among them the two former presidents-Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his predecessor Sheikh Sharif Ahmed will be fronting a joint candidate for presidency.

As the opposition parties coalesce around a common ground, questions linger as to whether the duo in the hill- President Mohamed Farmaajo and his Prime Minister Hassan Khaire will be fighting together or separately for the presidency. Both have expressed intent of running for the top seat.

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