Outcomes from the 3rd forum of the constitutional review held in Puntland


Participants of the 3rd Constitutional Review forum held in Garowe, Puntland state, Somalia with Minister of Constitutional affairs Abdirahman Hosh Jibril standing in the front row 4th from the right.


The third forum for the consultation meeting on the constitution has been completed yesterday in Garowe, the capital of Puntland state.

The meeting organized by the federal ministry of constitutional affairs produced several agreements following extensive consultation among the participants.

Speaking to the media, an advisor to the federal government on constitutional affairs, information and communication, Abdiaziz Haji Bobdoon noted the various articles agreed upon by the participants.

Among the issues concurred upon included applauding the reconciliation move that took place between “federal constitutional ministry, parliamentary constitutional review and oversight committee (OC) and independent constitutional provisional constitution and implementation commission (ICRIC)”.

The forum also passed the strategic local education syllabus and public awareness on the process of the constitutional review in the coming 2 years.

They took a unanimous decision on devolving the local education syllabus to the grass root levels where the federal member states constitutional ministries and Banadir state will play a lion’s role in conjunction with the diverse sectors of the community.

It welcomed the united activity travels by the federal constitutional ministry and the two committees working on the affairs of constitutional review to visit regional federal member states on consultation purpose with the top leaders and ministers.

Agreement was reached on the inclusion of the technical committee of the intergovernmental cooperation council of the federal member states, regional member states and Banadir state to the upcoming event.

also raised up was the federal constitutional ministry depiction of its determination to strengthen the cooperation with its counterparts in the regional member states and Banadir state to successfully keep on track the process of the constitutional review.

They hugely commended the role played by the top national government leaders on their readiness for the constitutional review affairs.

The forum extended its gratitude to the international community on their support towards the process of constitutional review completion.

They commended the upcoming national opening event on constitutional review to take place in Mogadishu early 2018.

It was proposed and agreed upon that the upcoming 4th forum meeting on the constitutional review to be held in Baidoa town, Southwest state.

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