Outcomes from the first meeting of Somaliland administration

New administration of Somaliland 2017. Photo credit: Online

The first meeting of the cabinet of the new administration was held today in Hargeisa, Somaliland chaired by President Muse Bihi Abdi which was attended by 31 of his cabinet minister out of the 32 members.

President Bihii noted the basic vision of his government is built on the pledges of his Kulmiye party during the campaign period.

The session which took some hours was also regarded an introductory meeting and information sharing.

The meeting was chaired by the new leader and some of the outcomes agreed upon include among others: all the members are sworn to treat cabinet information as secret including national affairs; cabinet ministers to registers all of their assets both fixed and movable ones; submission in full all their personal information as mandated by the constitution; holding regular meetings in relation to cooperation and strengthening their national duty; all the regions of the country to be treated in equal terms regarding justice and development; the ministers should not be seen as a party member, tribal, family or clan figure but as national officials and appointed for national service and therefore, it is forbidden to take part in a voluntary invitation by the ministers to honor its own tribe; during handovering ceremony from the officials from the old government, such events are prohibited from being conducted outside the government facilities.

President Bihi was elected on the 14th November, declared winner on late November and inaugurated on the 13th December.

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