Parliamentary defence committee expresses concern over the security for Marko residents

Somali parliamentary defence committee has commented on the security situation of Marka where several civilian killings took place in the recent months.

The chairman of the committee, Hussein Arab Iise told Goobjoog News that the security of the town is getting terrorised day after day.

He noted that the committee met with the residents and listened their concerns on the security as it will submit the report to the parliament.

“The situation is getting worse, the town has no competent security forces same way the administration of the town is incompetent. We have known that Al-Shabab fighters who were dislodged from other areas are currently living in the town freely” said the chairman.

The committee which visited Marko town yesterday has expressed concern over the security of the area and called on the federal government to deploy enough soldiers.

“The town is lacking police which would have maintained law and order as the crimes are exceeding rapidly” he said.

Last month AMISOM troops have allegedly killed more than 20 civilians after suspected Al-Shabab members attacked the troops with hand grenades prompting many residents to evacuate from the town.

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