PM appoints 12 member taskforce to support National Consultative Forum

The Prime Minister’s office has appointed a 12 member taskforce to provide support role to the National Consultative Forum, NCF, on the implementation of the consultative process towards the 2016 elections.

In a notice seen by Goobjoog News, the taskforce will consist of five Federal Ministers, a minister each from the regional states and representatives from the offices of the Prime Minister, the President and the Speaker.

The ministries involved are Interior and Federal Affairs, Women and Human Rights, Justice, Constitutional Affairs and Information.

The Taskforce will among others recommend for the approval to the NCF a facilitation guide and organise series of structured consultations as set out in the Action Plan for the 2016 process. The team will also help in ensuring political coordination and communication among the NCF members and mobilise resources for the implementation of the Action Plan.

The PM’s office has also appointed a nine member Technical Support Team drawn from the  offices of the President, Prime Minster, Speaker, all the four regional states and two technical advisors from the United Nations.

The Prime Minister’s office notes that the appointments are in line with the agreements reached during the National Leadership Forum held last month which brought together regional states leaders, the national government representatives from the international community.

Click on the links below for the full list of nominees and appointment notice.


Task Force Team

Technical Support Team


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