PM Khaire calls for reforms and accountability in SNA

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire has called on the leadership of the Somali National Army to streamline its operations and chart a road-map to defeat Al-Shabaab.

Speaking during a visit to the defense headquarters, the PM said the military must first be accountable noting his government was committed to providing the necessary resources. The PM directed military chiefs present during the visit to expedite reforms in the military.

The remarks come amid accusations against the military of corruption. The US withdrew fuel and food support to SNA last December following allegations of graft among senior military officers.

The US accused the military of not being able to account for the fuel and food aid. “We did not find the expected large quantities of food at any location … there was no evidence of consumption (except at two bases),” the U.S. team wrote to the Somali government, a report from a joint mission of US and Somali officials said ahead of the suspension.

The Prime Minister who earlier admitted corruption in the army today urged the soldiers to remain diligent and committed to their work in defeating Al-Shabaab.

“The terrorist groups are exploiting the religion, and our religion does not allow children to be killed,” said the Pm said.

The prime minister also praised the Army for their great role of protecting the dignity and sovereignty of the Somali people.


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