PM Khaire praises security forces for bravery in face of twin attacks

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire has lauded the security forces in Mogadishu for their ‘heroic efforts’ in responding to terror attacks that hit the city yesterday.

Speaking at the scene of the two bomb attacks-Sayidka and KM4, the PM said the security forces had put their lives in the line for the safety of the country. He noted their efforts to secure the public will be rewarded.

The PM’s visit to the scene came hours after the twin attacks which have so far claimed 11 lives and injured 26 people.

The first bombing went off at about 2 pm in Sayidka junction near the Lower House killing 9 people on the spot.

Security forces managed to stop a minivan loaded with explosives at KM4 which shortly blew up. It was not immediately clear where the target was but the efforts of the forces prevented what would have been a much deadly attack.

The driver of the minivan who was injured when the van exploded at KM4 junction was arrested immediately.

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