Police Administration ban auto-rickshaw in Baidoa, Somalia

Baidoa police administration has banned Auto-rickshaw from operating within the town during the night.

Colonel Ibrahim Dubad, the commander of police in Baidoa town who addressed the media, said that they have totally banned auto-rickshaws and motorbikes operating within the town during the night.

The Auto-rickshaws and the motorbikes are used by unknown gunmen and terrorist to hurt the people and cause insecurity within the town.

The three-wheeler auto-rickshaws is one of the main modes of public transport in Baidoa used by the resident in the town.

Somalia National Army in support with the Ethiopian troops who are part of the AMISOM mission in Somalia launched a foot patrol operation around the town since the SWS state election in a bid to strengthen the security in Baidoa town of Bay region.

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