President Farmaajo and Qatari Emir Bin Hamad in Italy

President Mohamed Farmaajo is expected to meet the Emir of Qatari Tamim Bin Hamad in Italy, Goobjoog News has learnt.

Villa Somalia said Monday the president was heading to Italy for a three days state visit in what would be Farmaajo’s first state visit to the western world some 22 months into office. He traveled to London last May for an international conference for Somalia co-hosted by the two countries.

President Farmaajo has been to Qatar two times since he came to office-May 2017 and May 2018 and has maintained close ties with Doha amid the Gulf Crisis which the Federal Government declared neutrality.

Bin Tamin arrived in Italy Monday from Croatia. Sources told Goobjoog News Farmaajo’s meeting with the Qatari leader outside Qatar is a strategic shift to avoid attention which could otherwise be generated among Gulf neighbours should he visit Doha.


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