President Farmaajo off to Qatar amid UAE fall-out

FILE: President Mohamed Farmaajo arrives at Abu Dhabi Nov 19, for a second visit since he took office February. Photo: courtesy

President Mohamed Farmaajo is today leaving to Qatar for the second time since coming to office last February.

The President’s visit to the Gulf nation comes more than a month after Villa Somalia postponed the visit in March following a diplomatic row in the country with United Arab Emirates. The two had fallen out over a vote in Parliament to declare the DP World Concession in Somaliland unconstitutional. UAE went ahead to end its military training support for Somali National Army.

The President could be expected to push for Qatari support to fill the gap left by the UAE pull-out as the government endevours to absorb more than 2000 troops which were hitherto under UAE support programme which included salary payments.

The visit also comes amidst rebellion from regional administrations which have vowed their support for UAE questioning the President’s attempts at portraying a neutral stance.

Regional administrations among them Puntland and Jubbaland have accused the Federal Government of double standards in the Gulf Crisis. Both Ali Gaas and Ahmed Madobe have lambasted the President for aligning with Qatar despite declaring non alignment at the onset of the Gulf dispute mid last year. The two have also expressed support for UAE.

The Gulf Times reported Sunday President Farmaajo will be meeting the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim al-Thani Monday at Amiri Diwan the seat of Qatari government. The two will discuss bilateral relations and prospects for their development in addition to a number of issues of common concern, the media outlet said.



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